No time? No worries. Instant Highlights in less than 30 minutes

Sheen Salon introduces a new blonde service for clients who are short on time.

Instant Highlights provides those time sensitive clients a blonde service without having to sit for too long in the salon.  L’Oreals first pro heat lightening system is designed to give up to six levels of lift in half the time.  The answer lies in it PRO HEAT technology.

There are four services to choose from


Instantly enhance your colour with delicately woven highlights


Revive and Brighten your grown out balayage or ombre with bespoke fresh colour accent


Get playful with colour – from bold statement flashes to subtle pastel pops – Perfect for that instant on trend update.


Instantly frame and accent your features with clever contouring techniques.

Application time is 10 minutes max.

Heating time is 15-30 seconds per meche (up to 15)

Development time is 10 minutes maximum after using Instant Heating Tool

Total Blonde time maximum 30 minutes.

All you have to do is decide what to do with your extra time.

Ask any of our team members for more information on any of these bespoke services today.