7 factors to consider when you change your hair colour?

Good news –  at Sheen, our colour change experts believe any hair colour goal is possible! BUT we also know what is possible, is very dependent on all or some the following seven factors –

  1. What is your colour history?
  2. What is your colour now?
  3. What colour do you want?
  4. What is the condition of your hair?
  5. When would you like to achieve your new colour?
  6. What is your budget?
  7. Colour suitability for your skin tone, lifestyle and hair type.  

Our goal when colouring anyone’s hair is to ensure the result can be maintained thereafter in your following colour appointments.   We are not into ‘quick fixes’ because in our experience, quick fixes are usually more costly – not only financially, but possibly to your hairs condition and results and rarely do you end up achieving what you want.

At Sheen, every colour client has their own unique colour combination to achieve their personalised result.  And with any great colour you invest in,  especially a complete change, you want to achieve it time and time again.  Our experts will achieve it by using any combination of expert colour choice, technique, placement and application of  your colour.

When you visit our salon and discuss your colour goals, our seven factors will give us a very good  idea of the level of commitment you have to maintaining the look and using the right hair products in keeping your colour looking its best.

Now, I have to get this out there before we start. In any extreme case scenario of someone colouring their hair at home, with boxed black dye for several years, who wants to be platinum blonde today, and wants to be out in an hour and all for £50 is not achievable, but we will tell you what is.

And at the other end of the spectrum, in the simplest form it may be very possible to change a colour in a normal colour service visit, but it all depends again on the 7 factors above.  Talk to your stylist for advice.

The condition of your hair will always take top priority over anything else.  Why?  Well, Sheen’s promise to you is to achieve beautiful shiny hair. It wouldn’t make sense to colour your hair if the service will over process your hair, cause breakage and you end up with a poor colour result.  We want our clients to have the best colour result possible and great condition is critical to your result, colour fade and how you manage your hair at home.

Next comes compatibility of existing tones and how light or dark the hair is now and what you want.  If your existing colour does not compliment your new goal, it will be required to cleanse out your existing colour, to ensure we achieve the best result thereafter.

For example it may be your hair is too light to take darker in one service.  Prepare yourself – Science bit coming up! When the hair goes through the lightening process it removes natural pigment from the hair.  Which means when we want to achieve a darker result we may have to pre colour ( put back in, what the lightening process has taken out)  the hair to ensure we keep the hair colour looking its best, reduce colour face and ensure we have the correct level of pigment to take your hair to the right level.

Commitment is also vital when deciding the right colour for you.  If you only visit the salon every 6 months for colour, there is no way we are going to colour your hair platinum blonde, red or one of our on trend grey, pink or purple shades that requires a minimum of 2-4 weeks upkeep.  We will suggest the best colour with the lowest level of commitment addressing all your requirements.  Also some colour services take longer than others. So if you are tight on time, we have express colour services we can offer you.

Budget, yes we need to talk money.  We want to ensure we choose the right colour service which fits into your monthly budget.  We can adapt our services to suit you.  So whatever the reason, say you have a career break, are a student, or alternatively you have just been promoted and your role requires a different look –  Let us know and we will build a colour for you which you can afford however big or small.

Remember to include a home care plan to ensure your hair looks its best in between visits.  It is only fair to say we  are biased and proud to support the use of professional products, I cannot argue,  shampoo is shampoo and all will clean hair.  However, some shampoos are better than others and whilst some will help your hair looking and feeling good short term, long term they offer no benefits to your hair, its colour, how you manage your hair and its condition. (But I will save this for another blog)   In some cases they can undo everything you have invested in.  And not forgetting to keep in mind your styling products too. These will also offer added protection and keep you hair and colour looking fab.

And finally, or maybe this should come tops, does this colour choice suit your personality, lifestyle and skin and eye tones?  And remember, all of these can change throughout our lives.  At Sheen we would love to be chosen to join you on your life and hair journey.  We thank you for choosing us as the ones you can trust to, advise, inspire, encourage and excite you along the way.

It’s what we do best!

To view our some of our teams colour work visit our facebook and instagram pages

So if you are considering a colour change,  for our regular clients, at your next appointment or give us a call,  let your stylist know and we will start to plan your new colour with you.

For all new clients thinking or wanting a colour change, it only takes a 15 minute consultation to get started.  Call today 0208 940 6464 and ask to meet our colour change experts to find out what is possible.

A skin test may be required 48 hours before any colour service even if you have regularly coloured your hair.  Other hair tests may be carried out,  offering you complete confidence in your results.


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