Time for a Confidence Boost?

Is it time for a confidence boost? – And I am not just talking hair now!

We all have times when we could do with a confidence boost and we want to turn the dial up!. Visiting our hairstylist is of course one way of doing this, but we can find confidence in so many other ways too.

When we feel confident our brain and body give us certain signals that tell us – and it feels good.
But our brains can’t tell the difference between something real and something we vividly imagine. That’s why dreams and nightmares can affect us so deeply. So, if we can identify how we KNOW we’re feeling confident, then we can also use this information the other way round – imagining, creating postures, and doing things that give us an instant confidence boost.
Take a few moments to write down what confidence looks, sounds, and feels like to you.

To me, Confidence LOOKS like:

  • How do you SEE the world and others when you’re feeling confident? What do you notice or focus on?
  • How do YOU look to others and the outside world when you are confident? (eg. what you wear, how you dress, body language, posture, facial expressions etc.)

To me, Confidence SOUNDS like::

  • How do YOU sound to others (tone, volume, pitch, speed, vocabulary, phrasing) when you are confident?
  • What kinds of things are you SAYING to yourself when you are feeling confident?

To me, Confidence FEELS like:

  • How do you FEEL, emotionally, when you are confident? What are your prevalent emotions and feelings?
  • What do you FEEL in your body physically (eg. relaxed, in touch with my body, grounded, connected to myself) when you are confident?

Other things that tell me I am Confident:

  • What symbol do you associate with confidence eg. a lion or Superman!
  • Is there a smell or a taste that you associate with feeling confident?
  • What haven’t you mentioned yet?

Ultimately I know I’m Confident when I                                                       

Wrap Up

Next time you need a confidence boost, take 5 mins to review these personal confidence-boosting signs and signals. If relevant, be sure you are dressed confidently, and then vividly imagine each of the areas above – taking your time to really feel into each signal.

And as a final confidence booster – once you’ve associated fully into these personal confidence signals – imagine a dial. This is your confidence dial! Now slowly turn it up to 10 – imagining your confidence increasing with it! Now enjoy!

If you would like to work further on improving your confidence in any way or area of your life, I would love to help you on your journey.

Contact me on hello@michelle-hart.com to book a powerful coaching session to get you started.

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence”

Michelle Hart


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