Have you got your hair goals planned for 2018?

It’s the start of a new year!   We just love this time at Sheen Salon. With our new year salon Focus Day already attended and our salon and personal goals set, we are excited with what 2018 will bring –   And even more excited in how we can work with you to achieve your hair goals.

Have you always admired how someone you know always has such great looking hair, but never able to achieve it for yourself?  Well, not anymore.  Our stylists at Sheen are committed to 2018 being the best yet for our clients and passionate in finding out how we can achieve the hair you’ve always wanted.  Working towards your dream hair takes commitment, so why not sit down with your stylist at the start of this year and come up with a hair plan – a structured approach to caring for your hair that will make it easier to achieve the look and feel you’ve always wanted.

Anytime of the year is a good time, but New Year is a great place to start.  We always recommend the best way to get going with a goal a to book a no obligation,  15 minute complimentary consultation to discuss your desires.  This is our chance to start to build on your very own special relationship with your stylist, be listened to,  discuss and understand your struggles, lifestyle, commitment, budget, and to offer our very best advice.  We want to get it right and it’s here where the  foundations are built to achieve your 2018 hair goals.

Salon owner, Michelle Hart, who personally educates her dedicated team, is a great believer in having a hair plan in place and thinks many of her clients are also seeing this approach works.

“Book your next two or even three appointments in your diary in advance so that it fits with your stylist’s availability and you get the slot you want…”

Says Michelle: “We are increasingly seeing clients with a definite long-term vision for the care of their hair, and we forecast this approach will become more the norm over the next few years.  Our suggestion would be for you to book your next two or even three appointments in your diary in advance so that it fits with your stylist’s availability and you get the slot you want – maybe to coincide with a big occasion, a birthday or a wedding, for example, or a holiday. You will also need to factor in whether you will want a cut, colour and treatment, depending on your hair type and the look you want to achieve.

“For example, some clients want to go lighter for spring and summer and use darker tones in autumn and winter. Others want an easy to manage hairstyle for their summer holidays – a ‘wash and go’ approach and others want a more weather-proof style for winter so that they still look at their best despite being battered by the elements!”


At Sheen salon, we recommend all clients meet with one of stylists first, before booking an appointment.  This ensures we are a great fit. We will analyse your hair and scalp conditions and suitability for your goals, you are confident the stylist has the skills required for your goals, and if needed carry out a skin test.  From here we can tailor your hair requirements and structure a plan to suit your individual requirements.

But this is not where it ends, at every appointment thereafter we will check in with you and ensure what we have planned is working and if we need to update or change any of our recommendations.  Remember, our relationship doesn’t end at the end of the visit, we will ensure you have everything you need to make your hair goal happen, in and out of the salon. We help to advise on what to expect and how to manage without us in between visits.  For any reason you are not, don’t leave it til your next visit or worse go somewhere else, let us know as soon as you begin to struggle and lets us help you get back on track as soon as possible.

Says Michelle: “Every person usually has something they would change about their hair whether it’s increasing volume, reducing frizz, adding more shine or making hair more manageable. Your stylist can advise you on all of these issues and can help make you love your hair again.”

We all want to have a love affair with our hair, but it’s a relationship that takes effort and perseverance. Why not make 2018 the year you find true hair love – it just takes planning!

Michelle recommends 5 simple must haves for year-round fabulous hair.

  1. Invest in the best hair products you can afford to use at home in between visits. Cleanse, Condition and Style. Unlike buying off the shelf or online, at Sheen you are able to try before you buy. We  demonstrate all of our professional products and tools.  You can see, touch, smell and even have a live hands on demo with your stylist.   We are passionate about educating our clients on investing in the right products, amount, placement and budget for you.  We know this not only makes your hair look its best but it can save you money.  Our most popular product lines are Paul Mitchell and Kerastase.   Make sure you ask your stylist next time you visit.
  2.  ALWAYS use a heat protector to avoid breakage during styling. If you style your hair with heat – either with a hot hairdryer, tongs or irons make sure you protect it first. There are lots of great products to choose from, but look out for the ones that can help your hair to cope with even the highest of temperatures. Damaged hair doesn’t easily repair, so it pays to do your utmost to keep it looking its best through effective protection. If your hair is too hot to touch whilst using any heated tool you do not have enough heat protection on the hair. We have plenty of recommendations for optimum protection.
  3.  A good oil product is perfect for maintaining the hair’s moisture levels while increasing shine and softness. We recommended our best selling product – Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil everyday. It is a 4 in 1 product which can be used as a 1) pre-shampoo treatment,  2) leave in treatment, helping to nourish and detangle, 3) a blowdry serum with heat protection and lastly used after styling to add further shine and help reduce frizz and fly-aways. It’s an investment our clients know makes the difference to their hair,  lasts ages and one product they can’t live without.
  4. For stronger, softer and shinier hair SmartBond is the ultimate treatment complimenting all Sheen colour services.  For all round protection for coloured hair and only only 10 minutes extra time needed with your colour appointment , it is now a top selling salon treatment. With a three step process, SmartBond is added to your colour mix, followed by step two when  removing your colour at the backwash. And finally step three,  where you maintain the treatment at home  with a take home conditioner.  SmartBond  helps keeps your colour looking at its best, keeps hair ultra shiny and stronger.  Perfect for achieving your hair goals this year!
  5. And finally, remember, even if you are growing your hair, you will need to keep your hair looking it best until you achieve your hair goal.  And this means having a regular appointment.  Your stylist will talk through what to expect when growing your hair, advise on time scales, and any possible challenges which come with wanting a longer style.  We can make the process easier and less painful. We promise.

All our salon services are unconditionally guaranteed – Offering complete confidence in achieving your hair goals this year!


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