How do I get rid of those Bad Hair Days forever?

We all have bad hair days.  Even us!  But,  having a bad hair day which turns into a week, month or year is most likely to be down to neglect.   I know,  I’ve heard it all before, “I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had the time, I had to wait until I got paid, I’ve been working late” and so the list goes on.  The time is now to make that change!

Like anything in life, hair is the same. When managing your hair becomes a daily struggle, stresses you out,  you feel frumpy, you cant do a thing with it or you find yourself putting it up in a bun everyday or worse still, hiding under a hat, these are most definitely signs you seriously need to get you hair back on track!

So first step is to decide you are not going to have  any more BAD HAIR DAYS!   (And if you do,  your stylist shows you how to handle them)

Second step is book that appointment this minute to see your stylist! Someone who you trust and have confidence in working with to achieve your hair goals!

(Now just worth mentioning here, if you are stylist hopping (seeing a different stylist/salon each time), it is very unlikely you will achieve what you really want.  Like anything, commit to a stylist long term, build a relationship with them, talk through your struggles and your desires. Discuss your your lifestyle , including the time and money you have to achieve what you want.  Take along  pictures, make sure you hairstylist is demonstrating how to look after your hair at home, with styling and hair maintenance tips. and finally be patient.

3rd step is to get organised – Book your next appointment(s), especially if time runs away with you.  Hair tip here.  If you want easy to maintain hair, even if you are growing it,  an appointment booked every 6-8 weeks is key to having healthy, easy to manage hair.   The right hairdresser will ensure your hair is cut in the right places (leaving the length if need be) to ensure you have a flattering look whilst achieving your hair goal.

Salon Owner, Michelle Hart, says “The mistake people make when growing their hair,  is not visiting a salon and having unhealthy hair and unflattering look for a year, because they don’t want to ‘cut it’ because they are ‘growing it’.”  Michelle says –    “Here’s the thing – you can have easy to manage and fabulous hair whilst growing your hair. Do not wait until you have achieved the length, because what happens is its just long hair which has become unhealthy, out of shape and unflattering.  Little and often is key.  And remember,  hair and scalp conditions change month on month and your hairdresser can address these with you to achieve your ultimate hair goal.   These all play a part in achieving the hair of your dreams.”


Michelle says “Many of our clients have found our in salon treatment Kerastraight Ultimate smoothing service a life changer when it comes to managing their hair at home.  And if time is a big concern, how would you like an extra 20-30 minutes extra in bed in the morning?”  Read on…..

KS Ultimate is an evolution in straightening and repair. Our semi-permanent treatment has been designed to transform even the most difficult hair into stronger, straighter, repaired hair that’s easy to maintain and gorgeous to the touch.


Dry / Damaged
Curly / Wavy / Frizzy
Too Thick / Takes Too Long
or all of the above

One application of the award winning KeraStraight treatment is a perfect solution for everyone who finds their hair hard to manage, dry & damaged or too time consuming.


Suitable for all hair types
Straightens & repairs simultaneously
Eliminates frizz
Strengthens hair, to the very last tip
Humidity resistant
Formaldehyde free

Using advanced protein technology, KeraStraight is a game changer, transforming the shape and condition of all hair types. Our unique combination of low pH proteins  will renew dry, damaged and weak hair, transforming it completely into healthy, straighter and stronger hair that both looks and feels amazing. These incredible repairing agents rebuild the hair with added elasticity, strength, vitality and shine providing a smooth, soft and straighter finish that lasts for up to 4 months, gradually fading from the hair.

Our innovative treatment will give you the hair you’ve always wanted. Ask your stylist today about how KeraStraight can deliver Gorgeous Made Easy for you.

Book now to discuss your hair goals 0208 940 6464.  We offer 15 minutes complimentary consultations with all new clients.




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