Is it time for your hair and scalp health check?

The human hair and scalp changes all the time, and there are many reasons for this. It can be any of the following causes – age, diet, the level of your general health, stress, medication, current hair care regime, hormones, pollution, lifestyle and climate changes.

Whilst your normal hair appointment may highlight any changes, Sheen’s Health Check is a complimentary appointment in addition to your normal hair appointment. Here we offer an in-depth consultation and analysis, hair and scalp tests and primarily focus on bringing your ultimate hair goals up to date.

We believe in caring for your hair and scalp in its whole entirety and concentrate on offering a complete hair and scalp transformation aligned to your needs.

Having a hair health check will press the pause button and let us focus on any current hair and scalp concerns, and see if we need to address them and move forward and reset with a new hair plan aligned to your current hair goals.

A Hair and Scalp Health Check includes.

• Complimentary Refreshments

• An in-depth consultation, hair and scalp analysis, including all hair and scalp test by one of our hair experts whilst focusing on your current unique hair goals.

• A bespoke hair plan, where we design and agree your unique hair journey focussed on designing your unique hairstyle and colour formula including timescales in achieving them.

• Hair advice and tips on how to maintain healthy hair and scalp and keep your hair looking its best at all times, particularly in between salon visits.

To book your Hair and Scalp Health you can either add it to your existing salon appointment or on its own.

Call our team now on 020 8940 6464 or book online to find out how we can help you.


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