Reuse Reduce and Recycle with our OWAY Refilling Station

We are so excited to announce the introduction of our refill station here at Sheen salon knowing we are contributing to the sustainable revolution and reducing the use of plastic.

Oway packaging is one of the most sustainable alternatives available, specifically in the hairdressing industry.  With 100% recyclable and reusable amber glass bottles and jars, aluminium tops with FSC Paper coming from sustainable forest management projects,  you are now able to reuse and reduce and recycle by using the refill your hair shampoo and conditioners.

Initially when you purchase your organic hair care products you are able to return and reuse your amber bottles to refill with your favourite haircare.  The amber bottles and jars, become practical and precious containers that can be used indefinitely.

We use them for plants, flowers, jewellery and we look forward to sharing your ideas.  

At the takeaway desk located in the salon, both you and Sheen Salon can make empty jars and bottles available for everyone to use for free. This effectively promotes a circle of infinite packaging reuse.

We absolutely love this concept and we love how it teaches us all how to reduce waste through sharing.     

Sheen Reward

For all refills, Sheen is offering a 15% saving on any of the refill products and we hope you have fun interacting with the refill station and feel as good as we do know you are being super eco-friendly.

By using the refill station you help decrease the carbon emissions, the consumption of finite resource and increase natural purity and animal habitats


The production, transportation, and consumption of a single plastic container produce an estimated carbon footprint equal to 82.8 grams (about 3 ounces) of carbon dioxide. Multiply that to the billions of tons of plastic waste in our landfills and we got astronomically high quantities of greenhouse gases crowding the Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in global warming.

By participating in our refill program it supports us to cut our plastic consumption and reduce their carbon footprint in the process.

Because all our individual actions, together, can really make the difference 


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