Transform your hair with Sheen

We have all at some point wished out hair was different than that given to us by Mother Nature, wavy or straight, thick or fine we always wish for the opposite. Well at Sheen we can help make your wishes come true.


Our range of treatments include the new KeraStraight Ultimate this innovative formula delivers greater protection from heat, enhanced repair along with incredible straightening power.


If you find your hair takes too long to style, have trouble controlling your curls or frizz or your hair is feeling dry and damaged let Sheen transform your hair. Call us today on 020 8940 6464 to book your treatment.


How does KeraStraight work? Hydrogen and salt bonds are weakened which allows Keratin and Cysteine to penetrate deep into the cortex, rebuilding your hair from the inside-out.  When heat is applied the bonds are strengthened again, locking the repair and transformation of your new hair shape.  Book in for a consultation to find out more.


We want you to enjoy the benefits of KeraStraight’s revolutionary Brazilian treatment giving you beautiful hair that is easy to manage but with a smoothness, shine and condition you will be proud of. It truly is the Ultimate experience to achieve amazing hair.


Don’t just take our word for it, Harpers Bazaar have awarded KeraStraight the best smoothing treatment for the last 4 years in a row. Start transforming your hair with this ground breaking treatment at Sheen.


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