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Reuse Reduce and Recycle with our OWAY Refilling Station

We are so excited to announce the introduction of our refill station here at Sheen salon knowing we are contributing to the sustainable revolution and reducing the use of plastic. Oway packaging is one of the most sustainable alternatives available, specifically in the hairdressing industry.  With 100% recyclable and reusable amber glass bottles and jars,


It is with a heavy heart, in light of the situation continuing to escalate and our Government’s request to social distance of 2 metres, Sheen Salon feels the need to take responsibility for the wellness of our team and our clients and anyone they may come into contact with. The decision to close temporarily as

Is it time for your hair and scalp health check?

The human hair and scalp changes all the time, and there are many reasons for this. It can be any of the following causes – age, diet, the level of your general health, stress, medication, current hair care regime, hormones, pollution, lifestyle and climate changes. Whilst your normal hair appointment may highlight any changes, Sheen’s

The Ultimate Guide to Organic Colour

What Does Organic Hair Color Mean? Eating organic, using organic products, organic farming, organic lifestyle – you name it,  organic is a very hot topic right now and the lifestyle spreads as we speak. But is it possible to colour your hair with organic hair colour? Does 100% Organic Hair Color Even Exist? Okay… We

We are sorry to disappoint …….

WE ARE SORRY TO DISAPPOINT……… You may or may not have heard, but Sheen Salon is now the safest salon in Richmond, when it comes to using Natulique’s Professional Natural Hair Colour. The most gentle, 100% ammonia free, high-performance professional and organic hair colour in the world! With Certified Organic ingredients and fewer toxins. BUT…….

Sheen’s future is sustainable and organic

Sheen introduces the safest and cleanest professional hair products with less chemicals and better functionality.   It’s not enough to be natural, it also has to work!. Over the last decade at least, parabens sulphates and silicones have been, and continue to be, the three buzz words which are questioned (and quite rightly so) by us

Fall in love with your hair all over again.

Are you stuck in a hair rut, and just don’t know how to get yourself out it? Well stress no more.  Our team of hair experts are here to break you free of your miserable hair rut and help you fall in love with your hair all over again. Natalie,  Salon Manager, and Hair Loss


On Sunday October 28th Sheen team attended the fourth London Hair and Beauty Awards and after an overwhelming response from the public  Sheen Salon was awarded winners of THE SW LONDON MOST WANTED SALON!. The elegant ceremony took place at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in London Kensington and delivered a glitzy celebration, dedicated to those who

Nominated for Most Wanted Salon at The London Hair & Beauty Awards 2018

With the fourth London Hair and Beauty Awards upon us and after an overwhelming response from the public   Sheen Salon has been nominated for Most Wanted Salon. The elegant ceremony will take place on Sunday October 28th at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in London Kensington and promises to be a glitzy celebration, dedicated to those who

Why is Sheen Salon different?

It was May 2015, Sheen salon was born and built on a strong vision and core values by salon owner, Michelle Hart. Michelle’s love of everything hair and beauty started at an early age, (Do you remember girls world?). She was drawn into the electricity of the salon buzz when she used to sit with