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Michelle has been coaching people for nearly a decade, and the best way to imagine her is as your thinking partner.

As a small business owner and leader for over two decades, Michelle was already fulfilling her passion to develop and grow people through ongoing long life learning through training, mentoring and transformational leadership skills. She naturally evolved into becoming a certified Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Coach back in 2012 and extends this externally to people outside of her business life.

Michelle believes coaching is where people can now be in charge of their own self leadership, development and learning with the experience of Michelle’s unique blend of experience and skills, she shines the light and uncovers your limits you cannot see for yourself.

Michelle Hart

“When you hand good people possibility, they do great things”

She magically provokes new thinking in fulfilling your full potential. With deep listening and ability to capture the essence of your time with her, she helps discover what is keeping you ‘stuck’ and will help you find solutions and ways with overcoming situations, dilemmas, conflicts or concerns.

“Problems are like weeds, you have got to get to the roots in order to prevent them coming up again.”

With her coaching you will quickly notice Michelle offers you space without judgement and mental time to reflect where together you will figure out how to create new favourable outcomes to grow and expand achieving positive and permanent results. You will have the ability to think more broadly and go beyond your fears and doubts which limit you to take action towards your goals or desires.

She does this with her powerful listening and questioning skills which help you reframe, shift perspective and redefine yourself or your situation supporting you to take accelerated action impacting on long lasting change. . Michelle says “coaching is about working in the present to find a way to change what isn’t working or to improve on something that is”

Michelle’s coaching is where you will feel supported and encouraged, and comes with her extensive toolkit and uses powerful techniques helping you to gain clarity and keep focused on your priorities. Michelle contributes to creating prosperity, balance and fulfilment in all areas of life and business by helping you break down into smaller more manageable chunks.

We know talking to a friend can be helpful, but Michelle’s coaching offers valued space and time, without judgement and trust with undistracted listening, honesty and objective support.

The only and best way to see how she does it, is to experience it.


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“I dream that one day coaching will be as natural as going to the hairdresser. I want people to understand that we all need to be coached regularly in our life. Coaching allows us to feel better and immediately become more efficient and empowered to take action to achieve all that is possible. Not only now, but with positive long lasting permanent results.”

Michelle Hart