Hygge Your Hair

How to nurture and nourish your hair and scalp this winter

Snuggling up under a blanket with soft candlelight and a warm fire is always a lovely way to escape the stormy cold weather. Winter can be a fun time socialising with friends and family over the Christmas and New Year festivities. However it also gives us an opportunity to get some well-earned rest and retreat from our busy lives to catch up on a series we’ve been meaning to watch or read a good book.

It’s also a great time to nurture and nourish your hair. Winter can be harsh on your hair, with a lack of moisture your hair can become dehydrated making it more fragile. Temperatures dropping sharply and more time spent indoors with heating on can take away your natural shine.

Now is the time to bring a little hygge to your hair. The concept of hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) is about engendering a feeling of contentment or well-being and is a key part of Danish culture. It’s savouring the simple pleasures rather than things, creating a sanctuary in our everyday lives.

We take a simple approach to the products we choose, using organic natural ingredients that are kinder both to our clients and the environment we live in. So it’s no surprise that we have partnered with Natulique based in Denmark who promote the benefits of using less chemicals on your hair and scalp, which are proven to give clients better results.

To share the feeling of comfort and happiness this Winter we are offering new clients a Hygge Hair Treatment Package to bring wellbeing to your hair and scalp. After all it’s not just important how your hair looks but also what it feels like.

Hygge Hair Treatment Package

Feel relaxed, warm and pampered whilst we rebalance, purify and nourish your hair and scalp.

The session will take approximately an hour and thirty minutes and will include:

Trichoscan – this technology magnifies images of the scalp and hair follicle to better understand scalp and hair root health and assess which treatments are needed

Natulique organic intensive exfoliative scalp and skin therapy – this beautiful treatment soothes and calms, whilst restoring and rebalancing your hair and scalp. Protecting dry, irritated sensitive itchy scalps.
It works by reducing the loss of moisture in your scalp rehydrating the skin making it softer and this wonderful therapy works after the first application. The team begin by gently massaging the treatment into your hair, then wrapping your hair in a towel leaving you to relax whilst it works its magic. Finishing with a thorough rinse.
95% of the ingredients are of natural origin and include wonderful natural elements such as tea tree oil, urea, cocoa seed butter, aloe vera leaf extract and cocoa based glycerin.

Oway deluxe and purifying scalp cleanse – with the healing aroma we will cleanse your hair lightly moisturising your scalp delicately removing excess sebum and bringing freshness back.

Head Massage – a sensory and comforting head massage not only lifts your spirits but also helps reduce stress. Stimulating the circulation of blood to hair follicles it strengthens hair so you have healthier happy hair.

Salon Blow Dry – to give you luxurious, shapely and shiny hair our team will professionally dry your hair with a finish that will be long-lasting.

The price of the Hygge Hair Treatment Package is only £50.00 a nurturing and nourishing treat for your hair. Valid until 28th February 2023

We want you to leave the salon with a sense of wellbeing with hair and scalp that has been rejuvenated for the Winter. It’s time to focus on the simple pleasures and create a warm and cosy feeling of happiness with your hair.

Contact us today on 020 8940 6464 to give your hair some hygge.


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