Longer and thicker hair instantly

Would you like to achieve longer and thicker hair instantly?

Here at Sheen Salon, we want all women to discover the world of Great Lengths Hair Extensions and have the hair they always desired.  We want to enable clients to feel more positive in themselves, restoring confidence, through natural and subtle bespoke enhancements. 

We believe in your individual personal beauty and we aspire to enhance every woman’s unique personality through bespoke looks and expressing different individual souls. 

We have researched the market extensively and believe Great Lengths is the best way to achieve natural hair and styles every day.    And for every person on Earth, feeling naturally beautiful means being self-confident and therefore, balanced and happy.        

We are delighted to introduce the additional service of two types of GREAT LENGTHS  hair extension services –

Let us guide and explore the endless possibilities that our pre bonded extensions or tapes for you.

We explain how they can be masterfully applied , cut and blended into hair with a perfect colour choice for a seamless result.

The Origin. Where do our extensions come from?

When it comes to raw materials, Great Lengths can boast a virtuous provision process.  From the early begin of the productive process, we point towards ethics.  The key-choice is about the origin of the hair, all coming from voluntary donations deriving from religious practices.

The hair is sourced from the Hindo temples in occasion of official auctions, guaranteeing a fair renumeration and making sure that the revenues are reinvested in socially useful projects. From hair provision to application process, it is ensured the traceability of Great Lengths Extensions journey can be verified at any moment.

The Hindu Ritual of Tonsure.

The pilgrims were guided by an ancient Hindu myth based on the figure of Vishnu, who lost a part of his hair after being hit on the head by an axe.  Thus the angel Nila Devi offered a lock of her own hair to the God.  Such gesture was so appreciated by Vishnu that he decided to grant the wishes of anyone who would donate their hair to him, as a way to show his gratitude to him.       .     

How do Great lengths produce prestigious Hair extensions?

The journey begins through the production process that transforms a bundle of hair coming straight from India into a velvety lock of hair.

Single or Double Drawn.

One of the most common technical expressions in the language of extensions is “single or double drawn”   What does this mean?   Single refers to hair coming straight from one donor – In our case India. And the bundles compose of varying lengths of hair.  Double-drawn means they have to be divided and matched according to their length.

Remy – What does REMY  mean?

We want all of our clients to be aware that we only work with traceable human hair which is ethically sourced.  All of our hair is Remy, which means all of the natural hair qualities are preserved by undergoing a specialist process at the production facility in Rome.

This special procedure by an electronic scanning microscope allows GL to verify the cuticles entirely and  aligns the natural direction of the cuticles, therefore safeguarding the hair from damage.  This is fundamental to protect the cuticle that cover the hair in order to maintain its health and vibrancy.  It they were removed the hair would become dehydrated, dull and matted.


Depigmentation consists of washing the hair in oxidant solutions to remove pigment/colour. This process is a series of washed and can last upto 20 days. In order to prevent hair damage only natural pigments can be extracted and GL have produced a special technology that allows them to discard hair that has been chemically treated in any way.

Pigmentation  is when bunches of hair are submerged into a solution with a controlled temperature and PH value.  Pigments are then added to the solution to change the colour of the hair to its desired shade.  GL colouring products are extremely delicate and derived from the most precious yarn of all.  Cashmere.  Shade perfection is evaluated and ensured in their laboratory with a solour spectrophotometer.

Blending  Strands of hair are expertly blended by hand in order to create the most natural colour possible.  Subsequently many different shade are added, to add the depth to the colour and mimic the natural appearance of your hair.         

Bonding Hair is kept together through a highly innovative method, create and refined by GL.  This procedure is based on the use of GL Keratin:  A Copolymeric compound whose molecular structure resembles very closely the structure of human hair.  Just like natural hair. GL Keratin behaves in a similar way, expanding when exposed to water and contracting upon drying.       

At Sheen we provide Keratin Tip Pre Bonded strands or Slim Tapes which are fixed using the special compound in a adhesive tape.

Upon consultation we can advise which solution is best to obtain the results you want to achieve, and we can mix up different application techniques. 

Great lengths has the smallest bonds making them invisible and very convenient for you,  the client to wear and maintain.   GL extensions are the perfect solution for lengthening, thickening and (chemical free) colouring and last longer than any others.  About six months. 

Not only do have we selected the best hair extensions on the market to offer you, but we use the very best equipment for application.  The Ultrasonic Touch which uses no heat to apply.

Interested in finding out more? 

Book in for a consultation with one of our Hair Extension Specialists who can talk you through your choices and advice on achieving the best result for you.  As we mentioned you choices available are as individual as you and we help you make the right choice.    We offer an introduction service or fill in for clients who may want to sample the extensions before committing to a complete transformation. 

You will be surprised and impressed how just a handful of extensions can transform your look and help you achieve the hair you always dreamed of. By carefully colour matching your hair it will look natural, discreet and low maintenance – But with amazing results and no damage to your own hair.  In fact there are clients who have had extensions for some time, who do not feel the need to continue with extensions because their hair has grown healthier, longer and thicker over time.     

Book today for a consultation to find out how we can help you achieve the hair of your dreams.    

Call 0208 940 6464, or ask your stylist today. 


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