Love your hair

February is the month of love, which is why we want you to love your hair. Having healthy, happy and shiny hair is easy to achieve the benefits are good too – look great on the outside and feel good about yourself on the inside.  Here are few tips to create and maintain beautiful hair.


Enjoy your hair – learn to work with it rather than against it.  Our stylists listen to you to understand your hair type and lifestyle to advise and create a cut that works for you.


Cleanse your hair – being familiar with your hair type and the effects of your lifestyle on it will make it easier to maintain your hair.  Your stylist can advise how often you should be washing your hair and which products would be suitable for you – dependent upon your hair type straight, curly, coloured and lifestyle factors especially if you exercise regularly.


Protect your hair – especially from heat when blow drying.  We always recommend you apply protective styling products before you blow dry your hair, this will help protect your hair from damage and keep it moisturised.


Treat your hair – if your hair feels dry or damaged and is becoming difficult to style why not reward your hair with a treatment.  Whatever your hair type we have a wide range of tailored treatments to put the shine back in your hair.


Change your hair – change can be good, if you feel ready for something new whether short, mid length, curly or long hair or even a colour unique to you pop into Sheen for inspiration and advice.


Your hair is as unique as you are which is why we want you to love your hair.  Call us today on 020 8940 6464 to put the love back in your hair.


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