Why is Sheen Salon different?

It was May 2015, Sheen salon was born and built on a strong vision and core values by salon owner, Michelle Hart. Michelle’s love of everything hair and beauty started at an early age, (Do you remember girls world?). She was drawn into the electricity of the salon buzz when she used to sit with her grandma every week, at her Saturday morning weekly styling appointment.

Like many, Michelle was confused with her career options and followed the advice of ‘getting a job’ in London when she completed college. After literally sitting office life out for too long, Michelle, 24, made the leap and changed the direction of her career forever. With deep ambition and drive she trained as a hairdresser, with the long term goal to own her own salon by the time she was 35. She completed her apprenticeship within 9 months, less than half the time of an apprenticeship course at that time, and quickly started to share her learning with her peers and future hairdressers. Michelle had found her love. Michelle says ‘There is nothing more rewarding than meeting a person who wants to achieve a goal – Get the job of their dreams, find the love of their life, or simply boost someone’s confidence through the skill of making someone look and feel good though the art of hair. Offering education, development and coaching, and being trusted to be part of an individuals dream whilst taking them on your own journey is a real privilege and truly amazing. It’s off the scale!’.

Having obtained her assessors qualification and many industry qualifications right through to L’Oreal Colour Degree qualification, her dream came true and her first salon was born at the age of 31! In partnership with the well recognised high street chain, Headmasters, Michelle and her business partner built a successful business across two locations.

Fast forward to 2015, Michelle decided to take a bigger leap of faith and build on her achievements and go it alone – Sheen Hairdressing was born. And this time it was on her terms. She wanted to offer more than just a job or a haircut. She wanted to build on relationships, offer something that served the person as a whole. Some would call this a more holistic approach, and to Michelle it was about understanding the person and ‘their goal’ to a deeper level. Why is ‘this’ important to you? Her team often share feedback with their own successes, fully supporting her vision and promise. With pride, they enthusiastically tell their story how they have not only grown into great hairdressers but as people too. Michelle offers personal coaching to support the whole person and team for personal, career and business success.

Keeping it very simple, Michelle only attracts hair experts to her team who LOVE hair and LOVE people. They are dedicated to improving the people of Richmond and surrounding areas through hair. Committed to lifelong learning, open to self development they are focused ultimately to deliver on our Sheen promise – Creating shiny, beautiful hair tailored to you.

Why choose Sheen Salon? A haircut is just a haircut? Right? Well, yes it is. (Not forgetting it takes hours, weeks, months and years to master).  We agree, you can step into any hair salon and you will receive a good and even a fantastic haircut or colour. And at Sheen you will get this too. But, what makes us different and is evident throughout the experience – we take time to get to know you. Understand your struggles and pain. Understand your ultimate hair goals and we work together to ensure you achieve a fantastic hairstyle and colour that addresses your ‘why’. A sample of questions would be – Why is this hair goal important to you? How will it improve things for you? and so on. And when we address and plan your hair goals with a Sheen hair journey. It is at this level, when your hair changes, and your life on many levels.

Now, we know the proof is in the pudding, right? We know how scary change can be. We know you have been with your hairdresser for years. We know it is a risk. BUT, what we also know is this. If you are fed up, feel frumpy or look older than your years, never get what you ask for, need inspiration or new ideas, have had the same look for over 2 years and dare I say it 20 years, it’s too far to travel, have a stylist who doesn’t listen, takes too long or not enough time- stylist has moved away or ruined your hair. Now is a good time to find a new hair hairstylist… We promise, finding a new hairstylist at Sheen, will be pain free and we will make the transition easy for you.

Here is what we can offer you.

We invite you to a no obligation, complimentary consultation with one of our hair experts to talk through your hair goals. What we ask of you is to bring images, bring timescales, bring stories, bring dreams, bring struggles, bring your pain and fears, bring your friends bring whatever it is you need to help us understand your goals. Tell us your level of commitment, time, budget and expectations. We promise to listen, understand and offer you our hair expertise and knowledge along with a personalised hair plan to achieve them. We want to help you. We believe anything is possible with the right hairstylist, with the right approach and plan. You have nothing to lose (ok 15 minutes, but hey its 15 minutes, it’s a low risk) to see if we are a good fit for you.

If at the end of the 15 minutes, you feel understood, you believe we can work together to achieve your hair goals, all is left is to book your appointment. The journey starts here :-). If, however we haven’t met your expectations for any reason, let us know and lets see if we can make it right for you. Perhaps another Sheen stylist with a second opinion? And if we decide we really cannot help you this time, we may have alternative recommendations for you. We will do whatever it takes to find the right solution for you – even if it isn’t us this time.

It’s your time to have great hair and take the stress out of finding the right hairstylist for you. Take action today to achieve your hair goals – We want to meet you.

Call 0208 940 6464 now or drop by to meet with one our team. Remember, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. We look forward to being part of your hair journey.



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